Be the Boss - Get on top of your money for good

Salvation Army launches free online financial literacy program, Be the Boss.

Be the Boss logo with text: Get on top of your money for good, you're the boss.

Stop fussing over your finances and sign up to Be the Boss – a free 3-week online course designed by Salvation Army Moneycare to help people get on top of their money for good.

Be the Boss is about tackling the taboo subject of money up close and personal, the journey of self-discovery and growth and giving participants the confidence to get in control of their finances.

The 3 week course is interactive and fun, equipping participants with skills that make it easy to take control of their financial situation.

The resource covers challenges people may face when it comes to money, including conflict in relationships, budgeting, saving for the unexpected, and the stress of dealing with finances. It’s not about having more, but thinking outside the box and being the boss of your money.

Visit for more information on the program.

The Salvation Army Moneycare team has been delivering financial counselling in Australia for over 30 years, helping people find financial freedom and live richer, more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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