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Supporting people making financial decisions during COVID-19

As the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to be felt across Australia, ASIC’s Financial Capability team are looking at ways we can support the Financial Wellbeing Network during this time.

International Women’s Day: Spotlight

As part of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight two examples of amazing work that is increasing girls and women’s financial confidence to help them secure their financial futures.

Salvation Army launches free online financial literacy program, Be the Boss

Be the Boss is about tackling the taboo subject of money up close and personal, the journey of self-discovery and growth and giving participants the confidence to get in control of their finances.

Intellectual Disability and Financial Decision Making

ADA Australia talk about their new Supporting Financial Decisions videos for people living with intellectual disability and their supporters.

Hamish McCormick: How small changes can make a big impact

Insights into the Australian Financial Security Authority’s new initiatives for dealing with unmanageable debt.

Supporting financially capable indigenous youth

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon talks to Felicia Daisy about supporting local indigenous youth to be financially capable.

Migrant and Refugee Women Talk Money

WHIN discuss their Let’s Talk Money program to support the economic empowerment of migrant and refugee women.

Dr Daryl Collins: Shadow finance is going digital and it’s good

Insights on the shift of digital technology into low-income households and the increasing formalisation of online financial practices.

Yasin Masukor: Redesigning finance for a wellbeing economy

Five key principles to consider when redesigning for a wellbeing economy.

Evaluating financial capability initiatives in Australia

ASIC has commenced work on a shared impact monitoring and evaluation framework.

Dr Timothy Kyng: Improving financial literacy around retirement villages

Reflections on retirement housing decisions and the need for improved financial literacy for senior Australians and financial advisors.

Financial Wellbeing Research Highlights

Heidi from our Financial Capability team highlights a selection of research papers on financial wellbeing.

Op-ed: Teaching young Australians about money in and out of schools

Dr Phil Lambert PSM discusses financial capability education and how agencies, organisations and individuals can help.

Empowering Australians to be confident with money

ASIC Senior Executive Leader, Laura Higgins, discusses what it’s like being responsible for helping Australians take control of their financial lives.

Digital toolkit to improve engagement with women clients

WIRE publishes their new digital toolkit, Woman & Money, developed for financial sector professionals.

A better financial future for autistic individuals

Research from RMIT University and Autism CRC looks at how organisations can provide a better financial future for autistic individuals.

Op-ed: Seeking advice – the ADF way

Air Commodore Robert Brown AM shares his insights on the state of financial advice.

HILDA tracks our attitudes to money

This year the national survey includes an important benchmark for financial capability research.

Building an emergency fund is my top money tip

A financial counsellor at The Salvation Army’s Moneycare discusses what life is like helping people get on top of their money.

Why pay experts when you have customers

Rebecca Hendry explains the logic in businesses stepping aside so customers can show them how it can be done better.

David & Beth talk managing money together

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon chats to some newlyweds about the ins and outs of financial teamwork.

National Financial Capability Strategy 2018 has now launched

The Strategy outlines why building financial capability matters and how we are going to deliver on our vision.