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Financial Capability is managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC, or we/us/our). All material on the Financial Capability website (this Website) is subject to copyright.

ASIC encourages the dissemination of information on this Website, but only in the manner described in this Notice and to the extent lawful without infringing any ASIC or third party intellectual property rights.

Linking to this Website

You may link your website to this Website at your full expense and responsibility. When linking to the homepage or any other pages on this Website, you must comply with these conditions:

  • You must not alter any content or material on this Website.
  • The context in which a link is inserted must not embarrass us, and must not give anyone the impression that you, your website, your organisation, or your operation is sponsored or endorsed by us.
  • Links within your content must clearly take people to this Website (e.g. pages must open in a new window and not appear as part of your navigation).

ASIC reserves the right to prevent linking and will give notice only where appropriate and practicable.

Linking from this Website

We generally only link to websites of Government agencies, consumer advocates, financial counsellors, peak industry bodies or other organisations whose content:

  • complements the relevant information on this Website
  • strengthens the key messages of this Website or of particular ASIC campaigns
  • does not compromise the independence and impartiality of our information.

Access to each linked website is governed by its owner’s terms and conditions of use and copyright notices. You must determine and comply with those terms, conditions and notices when accessing or using any content on their website.

Webpage content

When referring to content on this Website, please link to the actual web page containing the relevant content. This is to ensure you are directing people to up-to-date content.

You must not reproduce extracts of our content on your website, or in your newsletter or any other publication or communication channel, without obtaining written permission from us.

If we grant permission for you to reproduce our content, it will be subject to the conditions that you:

  • do not alter the content or any material accessed from our content; and
  • clearly acknowledge the source and date it was extracted or reproduced.

For example: ‘Source: Financial Capability website,, 30 November 2011.

Brochures and other downloadable documents

When referring to ASIC’s brochures or other downloadable documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc), please link to the relevant webpage that contains the downloadable link, rather than a PDF. This is because the actual link may change (causing users to get a broken link), or the content may be updated.

You must not make any of our brochures or documents downloadable from your own website.

You must not reproduce extracts of our brochures or other downloadable documents, newsletters or other publications or communication channels, without obtaining written permission from us.

Even if you obtain written permission from us, you may only reproduce extracts as long as the material is unaltered, and the source and the date extracted are clearly acknowledged.

For example: ‘Source: Financial Capability website, . 30 March 2011.’

Third party material

Where a third party holds copyright in any material presented on, or linked to, in this Website, the copyright remains with that party. Their permission may be required to use the material.

ASIC has made all reasonable efforts to:

  • clearly label materials where the copyright is owned by a third party
  • ensure that the copyright owner has consented to their material being presented on this Website.

You are fully responsible for determining whether the copyright owner’s permission is required before using their material. You must determine and comply with their copyright notices and conditions of use.

ASIC and Financial Capability Logos

You must not reproduce our logos in any way or under any circumstances. The only exception is where ASIC or Financial Capability is involved in a joint publication, event or campaign with you, in which case you must email us to obtain our permission before use. We reserve the right to impose conditions on, or to deny or withdraw our permission for, your use.

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms and third party logos

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms and all other third party logos appearing in any material presented on this Website must never be reproduced without the prior written permission of their owners.

The terms of use for the Commonwealth Coat of Arms are available from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.

All rights are reserved

Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), or unless otherwise expressly stated above or indicated (including by use of a Creative Commons logo in the relevant material) all other rights are reserved.

Obtaining permission

Once you have read the conditions above, you should before reproducing any content or material:

  • email us to seek our permission, where our permission is required.
  • seek permission directly from the relevant third party owner where their permission is necessary.

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