Professor Roslyn Russell

Roslyn Russell is a Professor and Principal Research Fellow in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University. Roslyn has been researching financial literacy, financial capabilities and financial inclusion in Australia for more than 15 years and has contributed to the growing body of evidence of the importance of financial education in Australia. Much of her research has been commissioned by the financial, government and community sectors on how to improve the financial wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.

The foundation for Roslyn’s research over the last 15 years was formed by her work in evaluating Australia’s longest running financial literacy and matched savings program, Saver Plus and the financial education training program, MoneyMinded. Research areas include the financial wellbeing of older Australians; financial decision-making of women; savings behaviour of lower income individuals and households; people with disability; and the financial capability needs of autistic individuals.

In her role at RMIT University, Roslyn supervises a range of PhD projects including: economic abuse in young couples; financial capabilities of pre-service teachers; and Financial management behaviour of young people.

A vital component of Roslyn’s research work is developing strong relationships with industry and organisations that work daily with people who are facing financial challenges. As well as serving on the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, Roslyn provides expertise to the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program. She has also worked with a research consortium advising the European Commission on access to financial guidance for everyday consumers. Roslyn holds an Honours degree and PhD in Business (Griffith University) and a Master of Public Policy (University of Melbourne).